Business Representation

  • The customer market is growing on both fronts i.e. number of prospective clients as well as number of options in front of a client, in such a business scenario, it is imperative to expand the company's reach to more attractive territories outside its traditional regions, we offer international representation service for business houses looking for trusted partner in India.
  • We act as Business Representatives for Corporate Houses and smaller Businesses entities in India, to promote and support their business interests in India.
  • Our trained team of professionals who are familiar with the Indian market and have the required domain expertise offer your business professionalized, localized representation and liaison services.

Business Advisory

  • We believe in creating business opportunities for global companies by finding the right local Partners, the right Audience / Clients and the right medium to propagate the business.
  • We also facilitate co-ordination between different agencies and your company so that you are able to achieve your business objectives with least hassles.
  • We begin by understanding the business situation of our clients, their needs, their requirements and the future expectations. Our team works with the client to develop a framework containing all the business intricacies that will play a significant role in determining the correct outcome, map out the actions with the expected results and go forward with execution in a strategic manner. We take care of all the intricacies so that you can focus on your business.

Shared Services Outsourcing

  • We can partner you in setting-up your very-own shared-services entity in India… completely owned and run by you…. Shared Services entity can help you consolidate your Global Services such as Finance, Supply-chain, HR & Payroll, Sales & Customer Support and other Internal Service.
  • A Shared-services entity can potentially help you save 20-40% of your 'Global Overheads', which can potentially add to your bottom-line.
  • What’s more, we do this on a B-O-T mode, sharing your risk while ensuring a smooth transition and a reverse transition.

Business Consulting

  • The core differentiation between companies lies not in the uniqueness of problems but rather the uniqueness of their solutions. 
  • We see things that others miss, offering you more creative solutions that combine our deep geographic experience, intimate sector knowledge and clear insights into how to create value in your business. We work collaboratively, build lasting capabilities into your team and help your organization mobilize for change.
  • Growth strategy is the core to what we do. We help companies focus on growth in terms of revenue, cash flow and shareholder value, all of which are needed for sustainable, profitable performance.


  • Complex Federal & State Level Legislations- often confusing and sometime overlapping jurisdictions

  • 29 States-Each resembles a separate country with its own legislations, language and cultural practices

  • 6 main Ethnic groups, 7 major Religions and many minor ones

  • Caste system, though fading away, still remains a major factor

  • Bureaucracy is resistant to change and transparency

  • High levels of poverty and corruption

  • Personal relationship building is the key to business success in india

Value Proposition

  • Business Handlings in India

  • Increase in client base

  • More visibility in local lucrative markets

  • Reduced expenditure for travelling and logistics

  • Highly qualified professionals representing you in front of clients

  • Detailed reports and analysis

  • Better understanding of the expectations of customers

  • Smooth service delivery

Local Contact In India

    Choose us as your active representative at places like exhibitions, seminars, business gatherings and other business events to spread your company's message and reach out to your clients.  We can also act as your local contact in INDIA. You can also choose us to be your full time representative for your both existing as well as potential clients, by handling their business queries and providing them with an opportunity to connect with you at places where you don't have any offices.