About Us

welcome to Standwood Consulting

Standwood Consulting is professionally managed business consulting company, engaged in providing Business Intelligence, Business Consulting, Liaison Support and Business Representation services to global clients in India since 1999.

We ensure that our Clients receive the correct Entry and Business Development strategies for establishing a sustainable business in India that is profitable and scalable. Our core team comprising of seasoned professionals bring in more than 150 years of domain expertise to provide customized services to help our Global Clients.


  • KNOWLEDGE - Armed with knowledge of India specific business practices , we have in-depth understanding of the local markets and legal, financial and regulatory compliance requirements associated with doing business in India.

  • FLEXIBILITY - We offer customized services that are scalable according to the Client's business needs and flexible engagement models.

  • CONTROL - We provide periodic and intermittent Reporting and a Single Point Contact to mitigate Client's separation anxiety for businesses operating across multiple locations.

  • IMPROVE SPEED - Our local presence allows businesses to take an agile approach and enter new markets more quickly than their competition. We avoid traps that result in delays or difficulties.

  • COST SAVINGS & TRANSPARENCY - We retain transparency & accountability in pricing & other costs. Our local contacts allow us an access to local cost structures.

  • RANGE - We are the single point organization to offer a complete suite of complementary business services.

  • BRIDGING INSIGHTS - We efficiently translate between international thinking & local practices.